What is Hands Freedom?

“Hands Freedom™” is how we describe the broad range of benefits MetaWatch STRATA provides. A vibrating alert and a simple glance reveals everything you need to decide whether to act on a notification now or later. This saves time, conserves phone battery, and eliminates much of the ‘friction’ that comes with using smartphones.

Our passion for design is why we spend so much time sweating the details like the geometry, materials, and finishes. A smartwatch should provide utility, but more importantly, it needs to make you feel good emotionally to wear it. What is on the outside is just as important as what is on the inside.

The unique mirror display is always-on and made for direct sunlight. 

Configurable on-screen widgets provide at-a-glance updates on weather, appointments, stock prices and more. Your other phone Apps can get access to the widget and Application mode of your watch so that they can extend their own interfaces to wrist.

Whether running, or biking; at the office or at home; morning, afternoon, or night; MetaWatch Strata delivers Hands Freedom™.

Open Simple Connected

Developers welcome! There are several ways that app developers can interface with MetaWatch to enhance their use. iPhone app developers can use the Widget SDK to place glanceable information on the watch or use theAppMode SDK to take control of the watch and provide a wearable interface for their app or service.

All the apps live on the phone and not on the watch. There are no complicated "watch" app stores and no waiting for your watch to load a new application. You can do all your development work in your smartphone SDK of choice.

Above are some concepts for various apps

Hackers and product developers are welcome! The embedded watch code is open source so you can create your own native watch code for experiments, proof of concepts, maybe even launch your own product using MetaWatch as your platform! Our open source phone and firmware projects are on Github.com and our Developer community is on MetaWatch.org.